Apr 132012

In this post I wanted to cover the ever burning question we hear on a regular basis. “Why is mobile marketing and advertising important to me and my business and my customers? That’s not how I get customers! They don’t need to use an iPhone, iPad or Android Phone to buy from me!”

I think the quick answer to this, is Mobile Marketing is becoming important to all businesses, even if they are not aware of it, because of how we, the consumers, are finding the products and services we want to buy.

We use our smartphones to search for things daily, often multiple times a day. We use these devices to map our routes to businesses. We use them to see what other people are saying about the business we are considering. You know the reputation sites? We look at that businesses face book and twitter feeds to see what they are up to and what people might be posting to them.

Without a doubt, not everyone is using a smartphone like this. I know my Mom and Dad don’t. I know lots of people that don’t! I know even more that do. I also know that with statistics like 850,000 android device activations every day right now that between iPhone and Android devices alone a business is going to miss out on the massive potential of connecting with consumers through the various mobile marketing mediums.

Here in Kelowna, in British Columbia, I believe that as a city culture we are even slower to adopt new methods than larger centers. Larger centers in Canada are quicker again to adopt new technologies and in turn mobile marketing methods.

Mobile marketing however should be considered by businesses in Kelowna and through out the Okanagan because of how powerful it can be. Think about it, if you forget your wallet in the morning and realize it on your way to work, if you know you won’t need anything in it for the day, you won’t go back and get it. Forget your cell phone and you will go back and get it. You get that little pang of panic when you realize you forgot it. I know I do!! There are over 5 billion mobile cell phones around the planet right now. Add that to another 5 billion tablet and iPad devices and you have this massive network of mobile consumers that you have access to. Staggering when you think about it.

Mobile marketing and advertizing provides a unique, very intimate means of connecting with existing customers and prospects that no other media can do, including print, TV, Radio and even web based marketing. NOTHING else is like it.

So if you are a business owner and you are saying, “I don’t need to worry about mobile marketing! That’s not how I get my customers! I take them donuts and I call them and I do this and I do that…..” I’m here to tell you, you are missing out on something that will without a doubt be the best form of marketing you can invest in dollar for dollar. Don’t completely stop your current methods, but its time to make the transition into it.

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